Customer Centric
Software Development For the New Age Leaders

Increase Productivity, Reduce Cost and Achieve User Delight

At Interaction Labs we build better software based on solid product design principles and user driven engineering. So that, you get robust and user-friendly software which improves productivity and achieve user delight.

A Brand New Way
to Build Better

For years, traditional software development has been focused on features and project management.

At Interaction Labs, we bring a new paradigm to software development - product design & engineering.

Product design & engineering is not about the fancy features or complicated gantt charts. It is about putting customers first and building a user-centric product which solves their everyday problems.

1. Product Design
“A good design is how it works”

Our unique product design methodology is centered around your customers/users needs and their everyday problems. The first stage is research. We discovers the problems and hurdles face by your users. We also examine the internal and external systems or processes surrounding your users.

  • Review product development objectives and goals
  • Research
  • Study business process
  • Review industry best practices
  • Solution design

The end result of the Product design phase is a solution design document. The Solution Design Documents brings advantages such as:

  • Clarity in product requirements
  • Becomes base document to build User Experience design
  • Improves existing business process
2. Product Engineering

As opposed to popular notion, product engineering is not about writing codes. Coding is only 30% of the effort we put in product engineering. The 70% effort goes towards planning and prototyping. Team Leader and UX Team Work together to create Wireframe. The Wireframe is then converted into high-fidelity prototype. Product requirement specifications are created based on the high-fidelity prototype.

During this stage of the product development, we are in continuous communication with you and your team so that your ideas and feedback are incorporated.

  • Interaction design
  • High Fidelity Prototype
  • Product requirement specifications
  • Software development
  • Testing and Quality assurance
At the end of this stage, the software product is ready to roll-out for a best run and we move on to the next stage - product adoption.
3. Product Adoption

A great product without user adoption is of no use. We make sure that your users are guided, trained and provided adequate support while adopting it. Hence, we make sure that all necessary product documentation and help material is in place before they set their fingers on the login screen. If you are a customer facing start-up, we also help develop your marketing website.

  • Software Manual
  • Help Documentation
  • Product Website

Customer Centric Product Development

Traditional Software Development

  • Building platform
  • Need based development
  • Based on real user problems
  • Market oriented development
  • Customer centric
  • Building software
  • Features based development
  • Based on the desires of stakeholders
  • Task oriented development
  • Developer Centric